ZombsRoyale.io Battle Royale Game

zombsroyale.io battle royale

Zombsroyale.io is a battle royale io game. There are many players who in the game try to be the last remaining player. Before taking part in Zombsroyale.io battle royale game, you need to be well versed with the rules & regulations of the game as well as know the different strategies. Doing so will help you to move each level, protect yourself from attacks and destroy your enemies effectively.

ZombsRoyale.io Battle Royale – Health & Shield

To restore about 1 to 20 hp towards your character, you need to use bandages until 75 hp. Applying one bandage takes about 2 seconds. Past 75 hp, bandage healing is not allowed. However, the shield is not affected in any manner.

For complete health restoration, use Medkit to reach 100 hp, irrespective of your current health. Applying a single Med Kit takes about 5 seconds. But with full health, it is not possible to use it & the shield is not affected.

With time in Zombsroyale.io battle royale, to restore 25 hp, you need to use Hybrid Potion. For applying a single Hybrid Potion, it takes about 2 seconds. Also, 25 shields are added with time.

zombsroyale.io battle royale

To include 25 shields to the existing shield, use Small Shield Potion. For applying one small shield potion, it takes about 2 seconds. Once you cross 50 shields, nothing will be added. Health will not get affected.

To include 50 shields within your shield, use Big Shield Potion. For applying one Big Shield Potion, it takes around 5 seconds. But in the case of full shield, it will not work or affect health adversely.

ZombsRoyale.io Cosmetics

It is available in Zombsroyale.io battle royale in form of melee weapons, parachutes, outfits, sprays, emotes, and 18/19/7 backpacks. Visit the game’s main page and click on ‘Cosmetics’ located in the top left corner, to equip & make changes to them. Changes can be noticed as you log onto Facebook or Google and save your progress. There are different types of backpacks in the game which are Meat Pack, Bone Bag, Egg Pack, Pickaxe Bag, Spiked Tail, Fossil Spiked Tail, Dino Wings, and Snake Tail.

On entering Zombsroyaleio battle royale game for the first time, starting cosmetics are default beige outfit, no sprays, normal hands, default parachute, happy emoji, no backpack, thumbs up, thumbs down, GG, and laughing emoji.

Press space desired to change on screen’s left side to change cosmetics. Next click on cosmetic on the screen’s right side for effective replacement. However, few cosmetics are made available only as you progress into the higher levels of the Zombsroyale.io battle royale game or increase tier level by getting XP in Season rewards by participating in daily challenges. Using Z-coins obtained from participating in daily challenges, you can purchase cosmetics.

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