ZombsRoyale.io Guns List

zombsroyale.io guns

Zombsroyale.io is an io game with survival war content. In this game, you start the game at one point on the map. Then you get ready for the war by collecting the closest weapons. You kill the enemies that will attack you and flee towards the living zone. In this article, we are going to tell all Zombsroyale.io guns in the game.

ZombsRoyale.io Guns

If you are interested to play the Zombsroyale.io video game, then you should have details of the different Zombsroyale.io guns available to players. Getting to know the details prior to starting to play will help you to have a lead over other players. If you want to have access to different weapons in the game Zombsroyale.io, you must find the Zombsroyale.io containers in the game.

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are very popular weapons in the Zombsroyale.io game. In this game, it is considered to be the primary weapon that you should have. Well known for accuracy, it also offers fast firing. You can combat threats that are outside the range of an SMG or shotgun. Few are bursts and others full auto ARs with high overall DPS.

Assault rifles are M4, SCAR, AK, AR15, MG36, Silenced AR15, Scoped M4, Assault SCAR, and XM8

Sniper Rifles

These are indeed useful guns. When compared to other weapons available in the game, this is sure to provide you with a better advantage. You will be able to see your enemies first and attack them before they cause damage to you. On picking up a close-range weapon and Assault rifle, the next step will be to get hold of a Sniper Rifle. This is crucial to move outdoors and ensure less damage by enemies.

Sniper rifles are AWP and VSS.

zombsroyale.io guns


This is more preferable over the shotgun if you seek close quarter gun. It has rapid firing features and an effective range. Enemies can be killed much faster using this weapon. However, do keep in mind that it just a close-range weapon.

SMG weapons are UZI, MP5, P90, Vector, and Tommy Gun


They are available in all sizes and shapes but tend to fall short when compared to other Zombsroyale.io guns. Even the best among them is outmatched easily by other category guns. Knowing its correct use does offer some benefit and can help kill several players.

Pistols are Dual Berettas, P2000, and Glock


It is another super close range option to choose. They are excellent choices especially in confined spaces like inside huts. However, when used in the open they tend to be ineffective. Hence, it is best combined with long-range Zombsroyale.io guns. A shotgun blast is good enough to kill enemies faster.

 ZombsRoyale.io Guns – Unique Weapons

They are really unique weapons and either come with specific traits or are explosive base. When used in the most appropriate circumstances, they can be quite impactful.

What Zombsroyale.io guns & weapons to choose for the endgame are better determined by checking out the stats of each & every weapon available.

Unique weapons are Minigun, Healing Gun, Flamethrower, Goo Gun, and Grenade Gun

ZombsRoyale.io Guns – Throwables

They are available in different types. But to make the most of this weapon, you need to know its correct usage, especially when combining it with each other or with other weapons.

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