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There are different types of video games that have been introduced to entertain people of all ages. One such game that has managed to win the hearts of gaming enthusiasts is the game. It is also referred to as ‘’. American Studio End-Game is the creator of this amazing 2D battle royale game. It is found to be somewhat similar to that of, however, major differences can be noticed in art style & gameplay. In 2018, this game was released for Android, iOS & web browsers. When the battle royale genre is concerned, it is much similar to other popular titles. Players are required to combat other players playing on a top-down map perspective, trying to find weapons and supplies to defend self and to make progress.

Understand Game

This game has been designed to last for several minutes in standalone rounds. Approximately 100 players are admitted in each round, making the game more interesting. Circular figures represent the players on the 2D grid type playing field. A circular blue zone referred to as ‘the gas’, encloses the field. It tends to shrink as the player advances in the game, thereby forcing them into a restricted small area.

There are a lot of different weapons in this game. These weapons are:

M4, MG36, SCAR, AR-15, MP5, UZI, P90, Vector, UMP, Tactical Shotgun, Pump Shotgun, Assault Shotgun, VSS, AWP, Crossbow, Bolt-Action Sniper, Hunting Rifle, Semi-Auto Sniper, Minigun, Flamethrower, RPG, Goo Gun, Rubber Gun, Grenade Launcher, XBow, Deagle, Dual Berettas, P2000, Glock and so on. In addition, the game has pick-ups, containers, cosmetics features. game

The much longer the player remains in gas, the higher become the rates of damage experienced. Chances are that the player may even be eliminated from the gameplay. When starting the game, players will have to use their fists for combat and are not likely to have any weapons. They need to follow the map and find healing items and weapons stored in loot containers like chests, crates, and boxes. Loot containers can be found all over the map within and outside buildings. There is a wide range of weapons available, whose power depends upon its rarity. They can be classified as mythical, legendary, epic, rare, uncommon, and common and kept in 5 slot inventory. Controls

  • Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys
  • Aim: Mouse Cursor
  • Attack: Left Click
  • Reload: R
  • Interact with objects: E key
  • Map: M or TAB
  • Chat: Enter
  • Equip weapon: Scroll
  • Sprays: T
  • Deploy from plane: Space key or E key
  • Emotes: Right Click or B

Modes Present

Multiple modes are available in this game. The major ones are LTM, Squads, Duos, and Solo. Different modes exist in LTM which can be noticed to pop up every now & then, but for a limited time, thus deriving its name. Superpower & 50v50 mode, Mystery mode, Weapons race, Protect the VIP, and Zombies are a few of the limited-time modes. Teammates have the power to revive the player in few LTM, Squads, and Duos modes.

Playing game is intense fun & sure for the players busy for hours together. With Discord you can easily communicate with all players.

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