ZombsRoyale.io Battle Pass and Weapons

zombsroyale.io battle pass

With the ZombsRoyale.io battle pass, players have a chance to earn new items, skins, and emotes. There are 3 different types of the battle pass in this game. These battle passes are Free Pass, Weekly Challenges, and Daily Challenges. After completing the battle pass progress, you should focus on the weapons in the game and destroy your enemies. In order to be the last player to survive in the game, you need to know all the weapons in the best way.

ZombsRoyale.io Battle Pass

With the ZombsRoyale.io battle pass, you can have new items and skins in the game. Battle pass event is a rewards program exclusive to ZombsRoyale.io game only. Like any other battle royal game, Zombsroyale.io also offers you with variety of weapons, whose power depends upon its rarity factor. You need to be well versed with the different types of Zombsroyale.io weapons available and their firepower, so as to make good use of them to win the game. Types of Zombsroyale.io battle passes are listed below.

  • Free Pass
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Daily Challenges

ZombsRoyale.io Weapons

  • The best weapons on offer at mid-range are AR15, VSS, SCAR, and AK.
  • Best firing weapons for close-range combats are P90, Vector, MP5, UMP, silenced pistol, and silenced SMG.

zombsroyale.io battle pass

  • You can enjoy enhanced vision by using Snipers. This is undoubtedly an important weapon to use to ensure a successful game. When moving outside, you should always have your sniper ready. This way, you can notice your opponents’ movements, before they do and thus, kill them in the process. You can choose the quieter ones such as Crossbow and VSS. However, there are also present snipers whose shots may burst eardrums like the AWP, Semi-Auto, Bolt Action, and Hunting Rifle.
  • In certain situations, it will be used to use only the RPG. At times, it might seem pointless. You are sure to be happy & satisfied if you are in a choke point. If you are trapped inside and surrounded by enemies or caught someone within a house, then wait for the opponent to open up the door. This way, you can get that element of surprise and make the first attack, thus killing the enemy. Bolt Action Sniper rifle is a wonderful choice if you follow someone and get that first shot. You can also derive health advantages while picking them can be quite easy.
  • If viable, instead of a sniper rifle, use RPG as it will offer you better fire support.
  • Cause plenty of damage possible. Undertake ‘Group Kill’ and kill many people at a time.
  • Avoid going within the range of the enemy noticed to have accurate RPG shooting technique.
  • During the Endgame, when 1vs, you should use reverse impulse, thus putting the enemy on gas and making their movement slower. This in turn helps you to snipe them easily.


You should organize your inventory in the following manner, but in reverse order:

  • Throwables or healing
  • Sniper
  • Shotgun
  • Spray weapon
  • Fists

So having Zombsroyale.io battle pass and knowing weapons strategies can help you to become a match-winner.

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