ZombsRoyale.io Tournament Strategies

zombsroyale.io tournament

Zombsroyale.io is an io shooter game with a survival style and the last survivor wins the game. Players organize Zombsroyale.io tournaments among themselves as it is an online multiplayer io game. The purpose of these tournaments is mostly for entertainment purposes and can be played in solo, duo or squad modes.It is free to join any Zombsroyale.io tournament.

If you are interested to play in the Zombsroyale.io tournament, then it becomes crucial to know some basic survival strategies. This will help you to stay alive from enemy attacks and to use collected weapons effectively to kill your opponents and to win the game.

Survival Strategies to Know for ZombsRoyale.io Tournament

When you participate in Zombsroyale.io tournaments created by the players, your most important goal will be to survive. That’s why you need to know some simple strategies to survive in the game. Once you’ve mastered the Zombsroyale.io controls, it makes sense to learn Zombsroyale.io tournament tactics.

  • Avoid crowded places.
  • Land a bit far from plane.
  • You do not require all weapons available in the Zombsroyale.io tournament. You also need sufficient room for Potions, Bandages, and Medkits.
  • Try to loot first. But avoid being greedy unless you find it worthy.

zombsroyale.io tournament

  • Switching weapons with those present on the ground and later switching back can help get more ammo. This way, you do not have to depend upon the ammo lying on the ground. Most guns lying on the ground are likely to come with 30 ammo, which can be useful.
  • Use scroll wheel or number keys to switch weapons.
  • Avoid attacking other players if you are short on ammo and they are not interested in your loot.
  • When you notice crates in gas (except for ammo & golden crates), then shoot and then check out if loot present within is worth sacrificing your health.
  • If attacked, move towards the other side and try running around the shooter, aim, and shoot back to kill. But if low on health & shield, then avoid using this strategy.

Other Valuable Survival Tips to Follow

Sometimes it is possible to survive in the game by applying tactics that not everyone knows. We have listed below some not very popular tactics that you can use in the Zombsroyale.io tournament.

  • Wear skin (basic cosmetic). If having a low profile, then avoid wearing high-skill skin. Avoid doing full default as you will be assumed to be an easy target by others.
  • Hide inside houses, if trying to run away from skilled, well-equipped players. This way, you can use bandages as well as compel attackers to change strategy to short-range from long-range. You may come across leftover loot in few houses which can be put to good use.
  • Choose a house having two doors rather than those with a single door. This way, you can have a better escape plan. Three doors are much better!
  • Make sure you are alone when entering single-door small huts. Otherwise, you will seem to be an easy target and be attacked by other players.
  • Avoid getting into fights. It will be wise to hide or perhaps run in other directions if hearing bullets.

The above survival strategies will help you to achieve your objective in the Zombsroyale.io tournament and emerge a sure winner.

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